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Exchange application process for CMD

On this page you’ll find the nomination and application procedure for exchange programmes for Communication and Multimedia Design at AUAS.

To see how the full application process works for exchange, including immigration and housing, see our application checklist for exchange students.

Nomination dates

Once your International Office has selected you for an exchange with us, they need to nominate you by sending an e-mail to: international-cmd@hva.nl.

Nomination deadlines

  • 1 April 2024 for the Fall semester
  • 1 October 2024 for the Spring semester

After the nomination by your home university, we will ask you to submit the following information to us:

  1. Letter of motivation (for the programme you’d wish to join)
  2. Link to your portfolio
  3. CV in English
  4. A clear copy of your passport/ID card

The deadline to submit these documents to us is the 15th of April 2024 or the 15th of October 2024.

Download our CMD factsheet

Students who are not studying at a partner university can apply as a freemover. Please find all information via this link