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Extend residence permit

You need to extend your residence permit if your residence permit is expiring before you are finished with your studies. Only AUAS Immigration Affairs can extend your residence permit on your behalf.

Residence permit almost expired

If your residence permit is almost expired and you are not yet finished with your studies, you need to extend your residence permit. You cannot extend your residence permit earlier than three months prior to the expiry date. Usually you will receive a reminder letter from the IND on your last known registered home address in the Netherlands or you can check this yourself by looking up the expiry date on your residence permit card. To avoid a residence gap(opens in new window) the deadline for submitting your application to extend your residence permit card is two weeks before your residence permit expires. 

It’s your own responsibility to start the application process in time. If you do not extend your residence permit in time you will reside illegally in the Netherlands. This might have severe consequences for your stay in the Netherlands.

What to do?

  1. You need to fill out our extension form(opens in new window). After you have filled out the form you will receive extension procedure e-mail with further instructions from AUAS Immigration Affairs.
  2. Check the financial requirements(opens in new window)

Requirements for extension  
If you cannot fulfil the following requirements, we cannot extend your residence permit:

  1. Active enrolment at AUAS
  2. Be up to date with tuition fee payments, you cannot have any tuition fee payment arrears
  3. Registration at the municipality(opens in new window) (the IND checks this requirement at the municipality) 
  4. Sufficient proof of financial means living expenses (extensions only)(opens in new window), tuition fee(opens in new window) and payment of the IND fee(opens in new window) 
  5. Insurance(opens in new window) covering your stay in the Netherlands

Please see the contact details of AUAS Immigration Affairs.