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FAQ Extension

See our list of frequently asked questions regarding extension of your residence permit.

How do I apply for an extension? 

You need to send an email to immigration@hva.nl.(opens in new window) You will then receive the extension procedure via email.  


When do I need to extend your residence permit? 

If your residence permit is almost expired and you have not finished your studies yet, you need to extend your residence permit. Usually, you will receive a reminder letter from the IND on your last known registered home address in the Netherlands. You can also check the expiry date on your residence permit card. You can apply for an extension 3 months before the expiration see https://www.amsterdamuas.com/study/international-admissions/immigration/extend-residence-permit(opens in new window)  


What are the cost of an extension? 

There are three financial requirements that you must fulfill for your extension procedure: 





The cost will depend on your personal situation. Read the below-mentioned website and the extension procedure carefully and contact us with any questions. Check the website for more detailed information. https://www.amsterdamuas.com/study/international-admissions/immigration/proof-of-financial-means-for-living-expenses-%28extensions-only%29(opens in new window)   


What does a solvency statement for extension look like? 

You can find a PDF example on the Proof of financial means for living expenses (extensions only) page https://www.amsterdamuas.com/study/international-admissions/immigration/proof-of-financial-means-for-living-expenses-%28extensions-only%29(opens in new window)  




Do I need to pay the extension cost at the same time?  


You need to prove you have sufficient means when you apply for an extension. You do not need to change your tuition payment method if you are paying in instalments. You do need to show you have sufficient means to pay the instalments. You also need to have sufficient means for your living expenses. You need to show these amounts for a maximum of 12 months even if the extension period might be longer. 



What does a residence gap mean? 


A residence gap is an unregistered period you have stayed in the Netherlands without valid residence permit. If you do not extend your residence permit on time you do not have legal residence in the Netherlands. This can have consequences for your stay in the Netherlands and you risk a residence gap, see the IND information on preventing a residence gap https://ind.nl/en/extend-renew-and-change/extend-and-renew/regular-temporary-residence-permit-extension#process-and-costs(opens in new window)  



My residence permit is lost or stolen. What to do now? 

As soon as you notice the theft or loss make sure to report it at the nearest police station. You then need to contact the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) directly to request a replacement residence permit card. For more information, please check the IND website.  


Can I travel after my residence permit expired? 

You need a valid residence permit and passport to travel in Europe. Make sure you have a valid residence permit for study purposes 3 months before it expires.  

When you have applied for an extension and you need to travel, you can contact the IND and request a return visa Make an appointment for a return visa | IND.(opens in new window)