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Year 2 and 3

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Year 2

The second half of the programme is the Global Specialisation Track, which runs through the last three semesters of the programme. It comprises a minor, global exchange, internship and thesis. You can choose to specialise in Organisation, Leadership & Change; International Finance & Control, Global Trade and Supply Chain Management or International Marketing and Sales. Specialisation will be granted if you complete all three core components (minor/global exchange, internship and thesis) in the same business field.

Refer to the course catalogue for detailed information about the courses for this programme.

Year 3 

Global specialization track

In your final year, you will participate in a global exchange at one of our 100+ outstanding partner universities, or choose a minor such as Building Partnerships in China or Latin American Business Studies. You will also start your internship at a company such as Google, Nike or Booking.com. Parallel to your internship, you will conduct an in-company thesis or an applied business research assignment at our Center for Entrepreneurial Dynamics and International Strategy (CEDIS). The thesis is a unique assignment. It requires integration of knowledge, application of theory to a real business problem and original research to support the solution.

Refer to the course catalogue(opens in new window) for detailed information about the courses for this programme.

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