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Enrolment and selection

Applications for the Master’s programme Digital Driven Business for the 2024-2025 academic year can be submitted in Studielink as of October 2023.

Admissions will follow a two-phase process, with an initial screening of the candidate's application and documents (‘the application package’), followed by a face to face interview when the application package is appropriate for having an intake.


This programme is registered with the Dutch Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) under code number 49304. It is officially registered at the DUO under the name Digital Driven Business; this is its so-called CROHO (Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes) name.

The application process

The application process is as follows: 

  • Please check the admission requirements.
  • Prospective students register their application through Studielink(opens in new window) and receive an automatic confirmation email.
  • In case you are currently finalizing your BA/BSc, please state in your motivation letter that you have not yet completed your education and refer to your grade list and summary of topics of your BA/BSc programme.  Please add a declaration from your current school in English, stating your expected graduation date and the corresponding type of diploma.
  • Prospective students register their application by uploading the following documents before 15 May in pdf format:
    1. a Bachelor's degree. In case you are still to receive your degree, you can upload as soon as you've received it;
    2. a grade list;
    3. a short explanation of main courses of the BA/BSc program (500 words);
    4. a summary of the topics of the Ba/BSc final thesis (250 words);
    5. a motivation letter, including an explanation of affinity in the secondary field of interest (i.e. not the domain of the BA/BSc, but one of the other two domains); affinity should be described in no more than.500 words;
    6. a CV/Resume;
    7. an IELTS test at level 6.5 or equivalent (see the admission requirements).
  • Applications are screened on a weekly basis. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview, preferably face to face, which will be scheduled as soon as possible but no later than three weeks after the candidate's application has been received and approved. Due to the high number of applicants it takes more time before your documents can be reviewed.
  • The aim of the interviews, to be held with a PhD lecturer and the Programme Manager, is to assure affinity with the secondary domain, for which the application package will be relevant input.
  • Within two weeks after the interview we will inform candidates whether they can start with the Master's programme and the Introduction Programme, starting the second half of August, or not.
  • Please note that it is not possible to appeal to the decision. When requested, we will however be prepared to explain the decision.

Candidate assessment

Candidates are assessed on:

  • The formal criterion of having the appropriate Bachelor diploma and level of English.
  • Affinity with one of the two domains (secondary domain) other than the BA (primary domain).

Enrolment deadlines

  • Deadline enrolment non-EU applicants: 1 April 2024
  • Deadline enrolment EU applicants: 1 June 2024
Admission requirements
Expenses and tuition fees