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Bachelor, Master or Associate Degree students

If you're a Bachelor's, Master's or Associate Degree's student coming from abroad (outside the EU and EEA), you may need a residence permit. The first step in any case is to apply to AUAS. Immigration Affairs will contact you to guide you through the residence permit process.


All necessary information regarding the immigration procedure will be sent to you in advance. Start in September? We will send an email in May. If you have not received an email after 15 May, please contact us at immigration@hva.nl

Deadline immigration file completed: 6 July

All relevant documents and proof of payment must be received and processed by Immigration Affairs before the deadline. Therefore, we advise students to arrange their payment at least two weeks before the deadline to allow for (bank) administration delays. On 6 July your credential evaluation must be completed as well (for students with an IB diploma the deadline is one week later).

Do I need a residence permit to study at AUAS?

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) helps determine whether you need a residence permit. Simply type in your nationality to see you if need one and what other steps may be required.

Check if you need a residence permit
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Yes! I need a residence permit for study purposes, what do I do?

We are here to help! AUAS Immigration Affairs applies for a residence permit and visa on your behalf (you cannot do this yourself). Once you have enrolled at AUAS (visit the How to apply page to see how to enrol), AUAS Immigration Affairs will contact you to guide you through the process.

How can I prepare?

First of all it is important that you are fully enrolled at AUAS and have met all the enrolment requirements. You do not need to take any action before the beginning of May regarding the immigration procedure. However, you can prepare yourself by following the next steps:

1. Check your immigration procedure

See an overview of the procedure that applies to you on the IND website(opens in new window)

2. Check the Financial requirements

Check the financial requirements(opens in new window) page to see which payments and requirements you need to fulfil during the immigration procedure. These financial requirements are necessary for the immigration procedure and for living in the Netherlands.

3. Check if you need a tuberculosis test

Residents of some countries may need a proof of a negative tuberculosis result. The IND website(opens in new window) will inform you if this is the case for you.


Useful pointers about the immigration process

Check out these useful pointers about documents you need for the immigration process.

Questions and support

Contact Immigration Affairs