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Students tell their story

The AUAS is made up of thousands of unique students. Here some of them share what inspires them in life and what they'll remember of their time as an AUAS student.

Melekcan shares his AUAS experience

"I will miss my studies at the Jakoba Mulderhuis. It was one of the places where I studied most peacefully. I will also miss the friends I met in the courses I attended at CREA. We made great memories together."

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Janna shares her AUAS experience

"I'm passionate about helping others. I love volunteering in research studies, being an assistant or participating as a cast member. Giving my time to bring joy to others is something I value."

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Dilara shares her AUAS experience

"I'm passionate about helping people and trying to make the world a little more beautiful. It pains me to see others being lonely or struggling. We should be kind to one another."

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Yassir shares his AUAS experience

"I'll remember the strong connections I’ve built with my fellow students. I learned to have a lot of patience, especially with group assignments."

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Damian shares his AUAS experience

"I'll remember most the friends I made along the way. They might just last forever!"

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