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Developing the talents of young people in vulnerable situations (RAAK-PRO)


In our society, success in life increasingly depends on people making the best possible use of their own talents and their own efforts. Talent programmes are used to help developing the talents of young people who have not been able to get ahead by themselves or with the usual degree of support.

How is it possible for all young people, including those in disadvantaged circumstances and young people with disabilities, to participate more fully in tomorrow’s civil society and solve problems themselves, instead of making use of expensive, specialised care?

Supporting approaches by scientific research

The idea that talent-oriented approaches actually have a positive effect on participation in society by young people in vulnerable situations is as yet unsupported by scientific research. However, this approach corresponds to the assumption that environmental factors (social support) and individual factors (self-image and self-control) play a role in preventing problematic behaviour.

Succes factors of existing practice

In this project, the research group Youth Spot filters out success factors from existing practice and attempt to give insight into these and enable them to be passed on. They will apply knowledge and experience gained in the field across the entire chain through publications and implementation in the development of education and the professional field.

30 June 2015

Project Info

Start date 15 Feb 2013
End date 05 Jun 2015


Judith Metz


Muller-Lulofs building (MLH)

Wibautstraat 5a

1091 GH Amsterdam

020 595 4900