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Good Practices Debt Services Amsterdam


There is as yet still little evidence-based knowledge about effective support in the world of debt services. By obtaining greater insight into what does and what doesn’t work, the effectiveness of debt services can be greatly improved. The Good Practices research into Debt Services in Amsterdam by the research group Poverty and Participation is geared to the description of the various implementation practices.

How can the fragmented implementation of debt services in Amsterdam be made more effective?

Unique policies in debt services

At present, seven social services providers (known in Dutch as “Madi’s”) implement debt services in Amsterdam. They all follow – within the frameworks set by the local authority as the client – relatively unique policies.

Research on plausible effectiveness

In order to obtain a methodological description of these debt services activities, the research group investigates which parts of the practical implementation are (plausibly) more effective than others, and why. At the same time, the knowledge present in the field is ‘tapped’, systematically described and assessed as to the plausibility of its effectiveness.

Practice-oriented advice

In this way, the research is drawn from two sources (practical and academic), in order to provide better insight into the fragmented implementation of debt services and give practice-oriented advice on this.

30 June 2015

Project Info

Start date 01 Oct 2014


Muller-Lulofs building (MLH)

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