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Dutch Black Hole Consortium


The Dutch Black Hole Consortium (www.dbhc.nl) combines research in a variety of disciplines from theoretical physics, astrophysics, geology and cutting-edge technology for the new generation of gravitational wave detectors with lesson materials for primary school, museum exhibitions, teacher training, and education and science communication research.

The role of the AUAS

Alongside the physical science and technological research goals, a third of the DBHC-budget is reserved for educational projects. The Amsterdam University of Applied Science is developing and researching a lesson package for upper primary and lower secondary school (age, 10-12 years) using the new, interactive application developed in the Minds-On project (https://www.minds-on.nl/). The Minds-On application stimulates hands-on – minds-on learning by combining practical activities with creating interactive diagrams.

DBHC: www.dbhc.nl

Minds On: www.minds-on.nl

Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 6 July 2023

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2022
End date 31 Aug 2027


Ilham Bouisaghouane