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How do professionals cooperate effectively in teams?

A literature review on cooperation between pedagogical professionals


In the international community, efforts are being made to promote interaction between children to foster shared development and growth in early childhood. This demands a lot from the professionals involved, who must be able to respond to children’s needs and cooperate with their fellow professionals. Since due care is required to get this right, this project will conduct an international literature study on suitable forms of cooperation.


Understanding interprofessional cooperation

In the Netherlands and abroad, a trend has emerged that should lead to children between the ages of 0 and 6 interacting more closely to learn and develop together in the early childhood education period. This demands a lot from the professionals involved and effective cooperation is essential in order to be successful. The question is how to properly establish said interprofessional cooperation. This field of study, however, is relatively new and much evidence is yet to be found, which means that little is currently known about how professionals from very different disciplines work together in interprofessional settings to provide integrated care for a diverse group of children.

Some countries (Great Britain, the United States and the Scandinavian countries) have more experience with interprofessional cooperation, and this project therefore aims to describe which factors promote and hinder interprofessional cooperation on an individual level and in teams.


Making (inter)national knowledge accessible for the Pedagogy, PABO and Social Work degree programmes.

The extensive literature study makes up a large part of this project, followed by an analysis of the findings from the literature study, which will also be discussed with a group of teachers and professionals.

The end result of this process will be an article for a scientific journal. Several separate documents will also be produced linking the results to the Pedagogy, PABO and Social Work degree programmes, in order to integrate the project’s findings into the training of future professionals who will work with young children.


The study into effective cooperation between professionals is an initiative of Ruben Fukkink.

Published by  Urban Education 4 November 2021

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Start date 01 Jan 2019
End date 01 Dec 2019



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