Centre for Applied Research in Education


Transforming Education with Emergent Technologies


The TransEET project aims to establish a sustainable network between research labs that will enable a strategic program leading to the co-design, implementation and outreach of innovative educational solutions with emerging technologies at an equal pace and range across the project partners.


In this project we develop and use a new method for desiging education with emergent technologies: the 'Co.F.E.' methode, which comprises the following elements:

  • creating Communities of Interest involving diverse members engaged in complementary joint enterprises (CoI)
  • generating home-grown technologies affording a dense flow of useable rapid prototypes (FRP)
  • augmenting the CoI research actors' hybrid expertise to meet the interdisciplinary necessity to address this research field (AHE).


Project team at AUAS

Anders Bouwer, Bert Bredeweg, Daan van Smaalen, Erwin Craasbeek, Leon Immanuel, Sonia Palha (coordinator)

Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 4 April 2024

Project Info

Start date 01 Jan 2023
End date 31 Dec 2025