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Crowdfunding for Civic Initiatives


Civic crowdfunding is a new and fast-growing tool for financing neighbourhood initiatives. However, area professionals still have many questions concerning civic crowdfunding. In order for community products to flourish, these area professionals have to be able to quickly assess whether a project has a chance of success and whether the local municipality can play a role. At present this knowledge is lacking. Not enough is known about which crowdfunding initiatives are successful and how area professionals can approach municipal organisations in such a way that they can act quickly and effectively for local residents.

This study focuses on new positions for professionals within municipalities, such as area managers, area liaison officers and participation officers. Together with local residents, (social) enterprises and social organisations they explore possibilities for enabling residents' initiatives to flourish.
The study specifically addresses the question of how area professionals can best arrange their municipal organisation with regard to this form of civic participation and how they can mobilise the knowledge and manpower in local areas (civic crowdsourcing). The programme creates a knowledge network between Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the VNG Academie, professionals in more than 14 municipalities and the two most important civic crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands

Gepubliceerd door  Centre for Applied Research Economics and Management 7 maart 2018

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Startdatum 01 jan 2018
Einddatum 01 mrt 2020