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International Contagion in the Housing Market

PhD defence ceremony

“How can one dissect and model the transmission mechanism behind international shock propagation in the housing market, taking into account institutional factors, in order to be used for contagion-risk preventive decision-making?”

Housing markets are local markets, which would only be subject to local influences. The international housing price correlations and the international spread of the financial crisis, among other things, paint an opposite picture: Housing markets seem to influence each other internationally! In view of the potential crises that may arise from this, it examines how these housing markets exactly 'infect' each other.

For more information about this PhD you ca contact Michel Knoppel or Frank Jan de Graaf.

Gepubliceerd door  Centre for Applied Research Economics and Management 15 oktober 2018


Startdatum 01 okt 2013
Einddatum 01 jul 2018


Promotor: Prof. Dr. Henk Jager, UvA