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Rethink Design - Change Our Future


The industrial revolution happened, and it’s over. Yet, design practice is stuck in the past and struggles to reconcile human values and algorithmic logics into socially, economically and politically sustainable models. We are living in the midst of a digital transformation of society.

We lack the knowledge, skills and roles within companies or organisations to design for interaction with autonomous technologies in ways actually beneficial to humankind, and thus to responsibly anticipate and steer this transformation.

Imagining and manifesting alternative futures has to be a proactive effort. It’s time to rethink design and create new pathways to the future.

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Published by  Centre for Applied Research FDMCI https://www.dcode-network.eu/ 6 March 2023

Project Info

Start date 01 Jan 2021
End date 31 Dec 2023


Elisa Giaccardi, Delft University of Technology