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Most of the revalidation after hip surgery is done by patients themselves at home. Within the Hipper project a new protocol for revalidation after hip surgery will be developed that includes sensor technology. The protocol will give patients and caregivers more insight in the progress of the revalidation. This increases the self-management of the patients and allows caregivers to provide a more efficient and effective, personalized treatment.

Therapists indicate that the effectiveness of the treatment is currently not optimal. They lack insight in the way patients perform exercises and activities. The therapists are in need of instruments to monitor the revalidation at home and better coach the patients.

E-Health may offer a solution. ICT and sensors in the home can on one hand be used to monitor activities and exercises at a distance and on the other hand to motivate and coach the patients, thereby increasing their self-management.

Within this SIA RAAK-Publiek ‘Hipper’ project, a new revalidation protocol has been developed of which sensor technology is an integral part. This was done by a team of researchers, therapists and patients through co-creation.

In het ontwikkelde behandelprotocol wordt gebruik gemaakt van PAM-sensoren die De cliënten bij zich dragen als activiteitenmonitor. Met deze sensor kan gemeten worden hoe actief cliënten zijn. Na ontslag worden in de thuissituatie omgevingssensoren geplaatst, deze sensoren meten waar de cliënt zich bevindt en of ze actief zijn geweest. Deze gegevens zijn inzichtelijk voor de zorgprofessional en cliënt en worden gebruikt in de behandeling.

In total, 41 healthcare professionals from the revalidation institutions Vivium Naarderheem, Cordaan, de Zorgcirkel en de Zonnehuisgroep have been involved in the project. We would like to thank all the healthcare professionals and clients that have been working on the development of the protocol.

The AUAS faculties of ‘Health’ and ‘Digital Media and Creative Industries’ collaborated in this research project. In this way, knowledge about treatment methods and knowledge about technology have been combined.

Next to the protocol, a manual about the use of the sensor system and the digital environment, and a justification of the used technology has been developed. Also, an educational course for healthcare professionals has been made available.

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Research products RAAK-publiek project HIPPER:

22 October 2021

Project Info

Start date 01 Nov 2014
End date 31 Oct 2016


Researcher Ahmed Nait Aicha
Researcher Sven Haitjema
Researcher prof. dr. Ben Kröse
Robbert Kruijne
Marleen Post
Sumit Mehra