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Social Robotics to Support COVID-19 Learning Disabilities


The COVID-19 measures have a major impact on how children are educated worldwide. Dutch children also had to make the switch in the first lockdown from physical to digital education. During the second lockdown, education and interaction between teachers and students was again mainly via screens.

The purpose of this application is to build on an already existing application by (further) developing social robotics as a learning tool to support teachers and students in the upper years, namely groups 6, 7 and 8, of primary education to gain insight into an increase in accumulated learning disadvantages due to COVID-19 measures in math education among students.

In addition to obtaining the insights, social robotics and the associated math modules will also be used to support teachers in providing math education to students in a motivating way.

The broad consortium, consisting of primary schools, teacher training colleges, municipalities, robotics company, colleges and universities, makes it possible to go through an iterative cycle during the project so that adjustments to the social robot can be made during the duration of the project. With this approach, the outcomes after the project can be integrated without too much extra development time into the already available infrastructure of primary schools for the use of social robotics in the learning process.

This research will provide insights into 1) the functioning of the diagnostic and educational function of social robotics in mathematics education in upper primary education; 2) the use and implementation of social robotics to reduce COVID-19 learning gaps in upper primary education; 3) how technological innovations such as social robotics are used by teachers in the learning process of their students and whether they experience a facilitating role of the robot in this; and 4) the empowering role that innovations in education can have in limiting the negative consequences such as the COVID-19 learning disadvantages.


Research project 'SOROCOVA' is about tackling COVID-19 learning disadvantages in primary education

Published by  Centre for Applied Research FDMCI 9 May 2023

Project Info

Start date 01 Jun 2021
End date 31 May 2023