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Pilot: Responsible Use of Generative AI tools as a Government Institution


As a “responsible AI researcher” working in residence one day a week at the Province Noord-Holland to investigate together how generative AI tools are currently used in the organization and what opinions people have about these tools. In small groups of colleagues, we investigate and learn how to use generative AI tools and discuss to what extent (and how) to do that responsibly. Mainly qualitative research methodologies are used: observations, interviews, questionnaires, workshops

A series of hands-on workshops to investigate the use of generative AI tools within the Province of Noord Holland. The aim of the project is to investigate how these tools are used or can potentially be used, whether the proposed guidelines are sufficient and to investigate what the impact is on the work of public servants.

(planned) deliverables of the project

(1) Workshop series of three (hands-on) sessions for civil servants on the use of generative AI technology (one with a focus on technology; one with a focus on ethics and a final session with a focus on the impact on the work of civil servants). These sessions are developed for various groups of civil servants/teams within the Province of North Holland. This means that sessions are tailor-made for, for example, a communications team, a design team, or a development team.

(2) A final report/report containing the main findings of the research

(3) An ethical deck of cards to reflect on the use of generative AI within public services

Published by  Centre for Applied Research FDMCI 10 November 2023

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2023
End date 31 May 2024