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The tuition fees for Sport Studies - track ISMB are aligned with the standard cost of all Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the AUAS. Besides tuition, you will be expected to cover several additional costs associated with your study.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are adjusted each year. Check the current rates.

Additional study-related costs

When considering applying for Sport Studies, it's important to understand that tuition fees cover classes and tuition only. Below is an overview of additional expenses you may encounter during the programme. These costs are variable and may differ from person to person. Costs associated with travel and accommodation for 3 internships vary depending on location and the host company. Some students may receive benefits such as free accommodation, public transport, or a modest salary.

Overview additional costs
Type of costsAmount Year
Books €100 - €2001-4
Sports clothes/equipment (second-hand)€50 - €1001-4
Sport Medical Examination€1251
Introduction Week€1101
Field trip 1€2501
Field trip 2€2501
Internship 1 (10 weeks)Depending on location2
Entrepreneurship kick-off in the Netherlands€1553
Professional SpecialisationOn average €3503
International Minor (optional)Depending on location3
Internship 2 (18 weeks)Depending on location4
Internship 3 (20 weeks)Depending on location4

Costs minor abroad

Sport Studies offers internal minors, but you can also choose to do your minor abroad. Minors abroad are free of extra charges for your tuition fees, as long as you choose to study with one of our partner universities all over the world. 

Costs of living

As an international student in Amsterdam, you will need a budget to cover rent, food, insurance, transport and other expenses. Read more about costs of living.


Amsterdam is one of the most popular university cities in the Netherlands, so the demand for reasonably priced accommodation is very high. To assist international students with finding suitable accommodation, the AUAS has agreements with various housing corporations in Amsterdam to provide furnished accommodation for a maximum period of one year.

Apply early

To increase your chances of securing a room, please apply as early as possible. The AUAS will assist you as best as we can, but we cannot guarantee housing availability for all international students. 

Read more about housing.


There are a range of scholarship and grants options available to both Dutch and international students seeking financial assistance. Visit our scholarships and grants page to learn more or start searching for scholarships at scholarshipportal.eu(opens in new window).