‘To Create Tomorrow Together’


How can professional practice and research be combined in an integrated curriculum? And how can lecturers, researchers and students work together to design such an integrated curriculum? This educational design research project provides insight into the joint design process and the features of integrated curricula.

Within the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), different teams of lectures work on integrating research into the curriculum. More and more often, lectures want to work together with researchers and students to create these integrated curricula. However, lectures declare that both creating an integrated curriculum, as well as working together with researchers and students is not straightforward. On behalf of the AUAS, Didi Griffioen was awarded the Comenius Leadership Fellow grant to assist 15 study programmes with this process while systematically studying their curriculum design processes.

Exceptional to this research is that the design teams consist of lecturers, researchers and students. Design teams from different study programmes will jointly (re)develop a part of their curriculum. Every team will receive support from two coaches (an employee coach and a student coach) during the entire design process, who will provide the teams with additional information when needed.

Results from this design research will give more insight into 1) joint curriculum development processes and how these processes can be supported; 2) the integration of research and professional practice in the curriculum; and 3) the effects of integrated curricula on the intention of students to use research in professional practice.

This research is funded through the Comenius Leadership Fellow grant awarded by the NRO to Comenius Leadership Fellow Didi Griffioen. Co-applicants were Katelijne Boerma (Faculty of Sports and Nutrition, AUAS), Pauline Spaas (Faculty of Technology, AUAS), Marlies Sandee (Faculty of Business and Economics, AUAS) and Jacqueline Kenkel (AUAS Academy).

Gepubliceerd door  Higher Education, Research and Innovation 17 juni 2022

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Startdatum 08 jan 2019