Student and lecturer perceptions of research in the profession (RIE)

Strategic programme Research in Education


Do students intend to use research in their later professions? And which perception do lecturers think students have of research in professional practice?

Research has revealed that students need research skills in order to be able to perform effectively in our current super-complex society. However, it is only possible to teach students research skills if they intend to use these skills in their later professions. Do students intend to use research in their later professions? And how do lectures consider students’ perceptions of using research in professional practice?

In this longitudinal study 2 questionnaires are used with 3 different scales to measure what the student and lecturer perceptions are of research in the profession (see also the HERI Tools & media page). The 3 scales are:

  1. The Research Attitude in Vocational Education - Questionnaire (RAVE-Q);
  2. The Experienced Research Integration Questionnaire;
  3. The Students’ Research Context Questionnaire.

In addition to these 3 quantitative scales, the 2 questionnaires also include a section of open questions. Measurements will be taken in 2017, 2019 and 2021 of both students and the lecturers within the AUAS. The results will then be compared with each other.


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