synergy between research and teaching within European universities


In collaboration with the U!REKA Higher Education, Research and Development (HERD) network, of which Didi Griffioen is one of the coordinators, the HERI research group is investigating the intended synergy between research and teaching of European universities.

Nowadays, connecting research and teaching is seen as a requirement for delivering good education to future professionals. This means that higher education organisations need to become hybrid organisations in which research and teaching are linked in such a way that they create added value for future professionals. Coextensively, Universities of Applied Sciences, that traditionally focussed on teaching, are formulating ambitions relating to research.

To understand which ambitions European universities have in relation to linking research and education, we are analysing the formal documentation (such as strategic plans) from the six U!REKA universities: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, University College Ghent, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki and Oslo Metropolitan University.

Visit the U!REKA website for further information about the U!REKA HERD network.

Gepubliceerd door  Higher Education, Research and Innovation 17 juni 2022

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Startdatum 01 mei 2019