The link between research and education in vacancy texts (RIE)

Strategic programme Research in Education


What qualities do higher education organisations search for when it comes to approaching new employees? This research project concerns a longitudinal study into the link between research and teaching in vacancies of Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities.

The education of professionals requires a close link between research and teaching in higher education. Lecturers in higher education are the gate keepers between university policy strategy and student learning in the connection between research and teaching. For this reason, institutional policy expects from lecturers to possess both research and teaching competences and to execute both research and teaching tasks. It is currently unknown if universities are actively hiring employees that are competent in both research and teaching.

This research investigates universities’ hiring policies by analysing vacancies of Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities. During the years 2016 until 2019, all vacancies were downloaded from two online job boards that were online on one day. The vacancies are analysed on tasks and competences and links between these tasks and competences.


Griffioen, D. (2018). Building Research Capacity in New Universities During Times of Academic Drift: Lecturers Professional Profiles. Higher Education Policy, 1–20.

Gepubliceerd door  Higher Education, Research and Innovation 17 juni 2022

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Startdatum 28 jun 2016