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Exchange application process for Business and Economics

Read about the nomination and application procedure and what documents you need to send us. Please also check your home institution's procedure for getting nominated for exchange.

Your application for exchange begins with your home university's International Office. If they have a partnership agreement with us, they will guide you through the next steps to apply. If nominated by your home university, your international office will fill out our nomination form. You'll then be notified of next steps.

The dates below apply to the nomination and application process. For a fuller overview that includes that includes immigration and housing processes, please see our application checklist for exchange students.


Partner universities will be sent a nomination letter including instructions when the nomination form opens.

  • Our online nomination form for the Fall semester opens every March.
  • Our online nomination form for Spring semester opens every September.

Nomination deadlines

  • The nomination deadline for the Fall semester is 10 April.
  • The nomination deadline for the Spring semester is 10 October.


Application deadlines

  • The application deadline for the Fall semester is 15 April.
  • The application deadline for the Spring semester is 15 October.

Application instructions

All nominated and accepted students will receive instructions to submit their online application in the Students Come and Go (SCAGO) Portal.

If you are nominated, you need to create and complete your own SCAGO profile. You need to (1) fill out the required information and (2) upload a copy of a valid passport or EU ID card (must be valid for your entire stay in The Netherlands) before the application deadline.

You are responsible to arrange health insurance covering the Netherlands and to upload this in your SCAGO profile in time before your arrival! 

Depending on your situation, the following documents are also required:

  • If required for a specific minor; proof of English language proficiency such as TOEFL, IELTS or other English language scores
  • If you have a non-EU nationality AND are currently studying with a residence permit at another EU university: please upload your residence permit as well in the section ‘Additional files’. For example: you are a student with the Chinese nationality studying at a university in Germany. Our immigration department will need a copy of your residence permit for Germany as it will make your visa process for the Netherlands easier


  • Health insurance is compulsory for everyone in the Netherlands. Please see our health insurance overview to see what options are available to you.
    • We recommend AON insurance(opens in new window).
    • Are you an EU student? Then you don't need extra health insurance. You can obtain an European Health Insurance Card, which simplifies the process of receiving medical assistance during your stay in a European Union member state. Check with your insurance company/health service.
  • We also strongly advise you to check information about other types of insurances to see what best fits your situation. Check the insurance checklist here.

Application procedure webinar and Q&A

  • Our Q&A webinar is held in April for those going on exchange during the Fall semester.
  • Our Q&A webinar is held in October for those going on exchange during the Spring semester.

Extend your AUAS exchange?

Are you currently an AUAS exchange student for 1 semester and would you like to extend it to 2 semesters? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Ask your home university for approval
  2. Have your home university send a request by email to the AUAS International Office (incoming.fbe@hva.nl). If the AUAS International Office accepts, continue with the following steps:
  3. Find housing by yourself
    - Unfortunately the AUAS housing team cannot extend your housing contract. For your additional AUAS exchange semester you will need to find housing by yourself. See tips here
  4. If applicable, the AUAS International Office will inform the AUAS immigration team that your residence permit card for study purposes needs to be extended
  5. Enrol for courses in SCAGO for the additional semester (same process as 1st exchange semester)
  6. Start your 2nd semester as an AUAS exchange student!


Please contact our International Centre for more information about the nomination and application procedure: incoming.fbe@hva.nl.

We do not accept any exchange students whose home university we do not have a partnership agreement with.