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Gymmermansoog is a subsidized research project that supports gym teachers in a new role: improving the motor development of students and thereby reducing obesity. The project is being carried out with various consortium partners. The grant provider is RAAK-SIA.

The project is being carried out in two project phases with various work packages. Seven of these are aimed at developing knowledge and tools, and one is focused on communication and implementation.

The following research questions are answered in the packages:

  • How reliable and valid is the 4-Skills scan in assessing the motor skills of children in primary school?
  • At which cut-off values does the school offer help to children with delayed motor development, and when is referral to a paediatric physician (JGZ Youth Healthcare) necessary?
  • Which design requirements does the motor skills scan need to meet for physical education classes at primary schools?
  • Is the care route for children with delayed motor development feasible, and does the treatment result in sufficient improvement?
  • How can physical education teachers use the results of the motor skills scan as feedback to measure how much ‘motor skills progress’ they have made with the children?

‘It’s great to have insight into students’ initial situations and their subsequent development. The measurement results give me concrete tools to adjust the schedule for the year and deliver my lessons at the right level.’

Manon Limmen – physical education teacher at the Tweede Openluchtschool in Amsterdam

Published by  Urban Vitality 9 July 2020

Project Info

Start date 01 Oct 2015
End date 30 Sep 2019