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The European Dual Career Toolkit


In the EU, the number of athletes in need of dual career services adds up to more than 120,000 in every Olympic cycle. However, a large number of its member states have not been able to, or only somewhat abe to, implement such services.

For this reason, the project STARTING 11 is creating the first European Dual Career Toolkit. It is composed of 11 self-applicable online tools which facilitate and professionalise the implementation of dual career services in the member states. Based on research, these tools will be tailored to the specific demand of dual career service providers in the EU. In an integrated approach, STARTING 11 empowers key actors in all 3 dual career sectors (sport, education and the labour market) to provide high quality services to athletes. By means of the toolkit, the dual careers of athletes will be supported in all stages of their sporting career, spanning from the school level to the stage of retirement from sport.

Project phases:

  • Research phase: Identification of the service demand in the member states via an online survey among dual career service providers in the EU and a focus group interview with a representative group of European athletes.
  • Production phase: Creation of 11 online tools in the dual career service areas “Management”, “Career counselling”, “Communication” and “Framework” by 4 specialised expert groups.
  • Test phase: Implementation and evaluation of the tools in collaboration with dual career service providers in the EU to finally produce the European Dual Career Toolkit and make it freely available on the STARTING 11 website.

To this end, STARTING 11 unites leading European institutions in dual career research and practice. In a unique constellation, widely respected EU experts will join forces to deliver a toolkit of the highest standard which will have a structural and durable impact on dual career implementation throughout the EU. This will ultimately result in the essential upskilling of dual career practitioners, increased employability of athletes and a multi-directional increase of awareness across sport, education and the labour market.


  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (adh)
  • CREPS Toulouse
  • European Athlete as Student (EAS)
  • Sportlycée Luxembourg
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

Subcontracted expert: Wolfgang Stockinger (TW1N)

Published by  Urban Vitality 14 May 2020

Project Info

Start date 01 Jan 2019
End date 31 Dec 2021