Organs & Councils

AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (English Programme)

Taskforce: Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and inclusiveness. We aim to provide a respectful and harmonious environment for all our students, teachers and staff; this lies within our ambition and vision to educate a diverse community of game changers. Our Diversity & Inclusion taskforce members created guidelines for our AMFI community, taking into account the voices of students and events of the past. These guidelines can be divided in five major themes; safe space, inclusion, communication, feedback, education. Click here to view them all:




Core team:

  • Karime Salame
  • Isabella Doelwijt
  • Arletta Kaper
  • Rubia Heyer
  • Zinzi de Brouwer

Input team:

  • OC
  • Natalie Koop-Kammeron
  • Natalie Brandt
  • Serkan Kose
  • Luka Tapken
  • Marvin Stanley
  • Yophi Ignacia

Guidance & Approval:

  • Aliya Celik
  • Astrid Elburg
  • Saskia van der Lee

Taskforce: Community & Safety (C&S)

The new AMFI Community & Safety taskforce is responsible for an actionable response to improving the learn and work environment of AMFI whilst fostering a healthy and thriving educational culture. The taskforce actively prevents and deters abuse of authority, any form of misconduct and/or discrimination. By working closely with the organs of AMFI, C&S commits to fostering belonging and safety amongst students and staff whilst urgently addressing and preventing undesirable behavior within the AMFI community.



  • Liza Schaeffer
  • Carlotta Kelber
  • Zinzi de Brouwer
  • Arletta Kaper

Student Council

We are about:

  • Positivity: create a safe and comfortable place at school
  • Community: create a place to collaborate with each other
  • Build trust: create a trustworthy place for students to go to and feel supported
  • Inform: create (Media) channels to inform and connect students

OC (Study Programme Committee)

The OC represents students and teachers in monitoring the quality of the study programme. We are a direct link to the management and higher organs within the faculty, and offer advice and constructive feedback on behalf of students and teachers. We serve the quality of the programme and push forward a focus on all needs expressed by the students and teachers.



Interim chair:

  • Bastiaan van der Hoek

Teacher members:

  • Guido kerssens
  • Hanneke overdiep
  • Alina Morar

Student members:

  • Sophia Kiefer
  • Carlotta Weber
  • Ini Lim
  • Daan van Bruggen

Dirty Laundry

AMFI houses its own student-led activist collective, called Dirty Laundry - a group of students fed up with the industry they are about to enter, and restless for change! The collective was founded in 2016 on the belief that students, as the next generation of fashion professionals, have a critical role to play in shaping the future of the fashion industry.

Composed of 8 young fashion activists from all over the world, Dirty Laundry campaigns for meaningful change within the curriculum and aims to inspire all in education to be change-makers. The team renews yearly in September and students are welcome to apply via our contact address.


Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 19 January 2022