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About Writic

Are you a teacher?  Are you concerned about the performance of paper and pen tasks in one or more students? Find out how the WRITIC assessment can help you.

When children can write well, they come along better in school. They learn to read and spell better and it is good for their cognitive development . Unfortunately, many children develop writing difficulties, negatively affecting their school performance and self-confidence. With the WRITIC assessment, you can prevent writing difficulties early.

What is the WRITIC assessment

The WRITIC Assessment is a valid and reliable measuring instrument (with norm values based on 372 children). With the WRITIC Assessment, you can determine whether the oldest pre-school children (children aged 5/6) are ready to start learning to write in group 3. The assessment results in a recommendation. WRITIC allows you to predict writing skills and, if necessary, improve them with child therapy.

How does the WRITIC assessment work

The therapist or teacher uses a questionnaire to investigate, among other things, whether the child likes the paper and pen tasks. The child is then allowed to perform various paper and pen tasks in a drawing book. These include tracking, colouring, making preparatory writing figures, writing one's own name and copying numbers and letters. Meanwhile, the therapist or teacher observes the performance (pen grip, starting posture and the result of the paper and pen tasks).

About Writic

The HvA offers 2 English WRITIC courses

Do you want to learn how to use WRITIC to map writing skills in grade 3? Take the course:

WRITIC assessment (online)

Do you work in the academic field and are you interested in translating the WRITIC assessment for use in your own country?  Choose the course: 

WRITIC for translations teams

Downloads for taking WRITIC

During and after taking the WRITIC assessment, you can use several documents.


WRITIC drawing book(opens in new window)While taking WRITIC in class, the child makes the paper and pen tasks from the drawing book.
Score book (pdf)(opens in new window)To display WRITIC scores

Score form (.XLS)(opens in new window)

Score form (.PDF)(opens in new window)

To display WRITIC scores
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