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Rooms available

From now until February/August 2021

Due to the ongoing coronavirus developments many international students have left their rooms and returned home for the rest of the second semester. As a result, a substantial number of rooms has become vacant.

Student rooms are now available on different booking platforms the AUAS has partnered with. These rooms can be rented for a fixed period of time (from June 1st until January 25th 2021 or summer 2021) and are furnished.

Who can apply?

All current students -both national and international- with a valid student enrollment for the academic year 2020-2021. You can also apply if you received housing through the AUAS or through one of our housing partners before.

Are you a new international student starting at the AUAS in September? Please follow the normal housing procedure for 2020-2021.

Costs and locations of the rooms

The monthly rent ranges from €350 to €850 (including water, electricity, gas, heating and wifi). The furnished rooms are spread out throughout the city of Amsterdam and Diemen, so there are a lot of different locations to choose from.

Other costs

When booking a room, housing providers charge administration fees and often a deposit. The costs differ per housing provider. Keep in mind that you have to do a down payment of a considerable amount of money. You need to pay the first month(s) rent, a deposit and an administration fee, depending on the housing partner. Only after the housing provider has received your first payment, your room reservation is confirmed.

Duration of contract

The student rooms are available from June 2020. All contracts have a predetermined duration until January 25th 2021 or summer 2021. Cancelling your contract earlier or extending the contract is unfortunately not possible*. Whether the room is available until February 2021 or August 2021 is based on the location and housing partner. The start dates and end dates are stated on the booking sites.

*You can only cancel the housing contract if you terminate your student enrollment.

How to book?

The rooms can be booked through different booking sites. Over the coming period these rooms will become available to book online. Check these websites (afer subscription) regularly.

All budgets (€350-€850)

  • Book a room with DUWO (subscription costs: €35):
  • Book a room with De Key (administration costs: €41): Shortstay Guest Compass (in Dutch only) is a waiting time based platform. However, due to the many rooms becoming available at the moment, you have a very good chance of getting a room. Also, you can keep using your subscription for your entire study period in Amsterdam and to book another room after this one.  

Higher budgets (€600-€850):

These commercial housing providers have more expensive private studios with extra services available.


  • Budget: check with OurCampus
  • End date rental contract: check with OurCampus
  • Interested? Book directly with OurCampus

Student Experience Nautique Living

  • Budget: €709-€791
  • More information on their website.

The Fizz – IC Spartaan

  • Budget: €772
  • End date rental contract: 25th January 2021
  • Interested? Fill out the form below (green button).


If you have booking questions or issues, you can contact the housing provider directly. If you have other housing related questions, you can contact 

Published by  Student Affairs 28 May 2020