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Master Digital Driven Business

The Master’s programme Digital Driven Business is a full-time, one-year programme. It is designed to challenge students to turn data and emerging digital technologies into concrete actions that generate business value.

Roemer Hoogerwerf - Student Master's Programme Digital Driven Business

Now that I’m diving into it, I realise that there is still so much to learn.

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Students learn how so-called ‘actionable insights’ are the key to bridging the gap between raw data and business value generation, developing a critical, analytical and entrepreneurial attitude during their studies. Graduates emerge with the knowledge and 21st-century skills required for effective decision-making and business-value generation in a rapidly changing, digital-driven world.

The programme is multidisciplinary, building on insights from the fields of data /ICT and marketing/business. Reflecting current practice in the professional field, the curriculum draws heavily upon agile learning methods in which students from different backgrounds work together in short-term projects. The course materials include contemporary models, concepts, methods, developments, cases, software/tools, literature and theories from the field.

This Master’s programme is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the following professorships/research groups: Digital Commerce (Faculty of Business and Economics), Cross Media and Visual Methodologies (Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries) and Urban Analytics (Faculty of Technology).

Programme Structure

Introduction programme (mandatory, starts late August 2021)

The one week introduction programme includes research skills, including data tools, analysis and statistics, as well as business and ICT basics. Students also learn the basics of professional development and why this is essential to a successful career. The courses are mandatory, with the exception of the electives.

In line with the programme’s focus on agile working, each module offered within a thematic quarter lasts three to four weeks:

Quarter 1: Foundation

  • Digital Business Fundamentals
  • Business Statistics
  • Database Management & Digital Tools

Quarter 2: Information

  • Online Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business
  • Data Presentation & Visualization

Quarter 3: Organization

  • Emerging Technology in Digital Business
  • Digital Business Management
  • Business Ethics

Quarter 4: Graduation

  • Master Project
  • Professional Development Portfolio

Professional Development Plan (PDP)

The Master’s programme also includes a professional development plan, in which students reflect on their professional behaviour during their studies. This reflection focuses specifically on the student’s progress in developing the following 21st-century skills: critical thinking, creativity, a problem-solving mindset, adaptability, collaboration and communication. This reflection is conducted at the end of each quarter, including critical feedback on the student’s performance and areas for further development in relation to these skills.

Master’s project

The Master’s project comprises an overall retrospective, as well as the student’s overall professional development plan. This plan is part of the final assessment, due in quarter four.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 23 June 2021