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European School of Physiotherapy

Bachelor's, full-time

The aim of physiotherapy is to help people recover from physical discomfort and ailments. If you are interested in helping others and are prepared to work hard, then the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP, bachelor's programme) may be the right choice for you.

The European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) offers an intense, three-year Bachelor's degree programme to students from all over the world. Our programme is specially designed for excellent students who wish to complete their studies in a shorter time.

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48 weeks of courses or internships. Three-year programme: 53 hours of study a week, with about 24 contact hours (lectures and practicals).

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Physiotherapists are employed in hospitals, private practices, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, psychiatric institutions, health centres, industry and (professional) sports associations and sports teams. In addition, they are able to provide exercise training for special schools, geriatric patients and pregnant women. They are qualified to work in many different fields just about anywhere in the world. However, there may be additional requirements.

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Foreign students need at least: 1. A prior education, with (international) equivalent of Dutch vwo-diploma. 2. English language proficiency, with an IELTS 6.5 score or international equivalent.

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The European School of Physiotherapy is a very popular programme: there are always more applicants than places available. So if you are interested, we would advise you to start early with your enrolment process. We operate a selection procedure which means that, after you have applied, you will be invited for a selection day.

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  • Bachelor of Science

The Dutch government recognises the European School of Physiotherapy diploma as a Bachelor of Science degree. The ESP programme has a good balance between theory and practice, with a strong emphasis on the use of scientific research.

  • Programme of excellence

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences recognises the European School of Physiotherapy as an official honours programme. This special status represents the high quality of the programme, faculty, staff and, most importantly, students.

  • Small and Intensive Education

The Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) recognises the European School of Physiotherapy as an official small and intensive education. This special status represents the high quality and intensity of the programme and small-scale organisation. The extended family principle is one of ESP’s unique selling points.

  • Extended Family

As stated above, ESP is a small scale programme, which allows close contact between students, faculty and staff. As our student come from all over the world, we want to welcome them into the ESP family. It is our vision that this will create the best learning environment for our students to excel. This starts before the first day at ESP and extends until long after graduation. Alumni are still involved in our programme, which is a key indicator that you are not just an ESP student, but a family member.

  • International classroom

Any student with an international mind-set may apply and enrol, permitting a heterogeneous group of students. Alongside the international classroom, the content of the programme is also tuned to the international field of physiotherapy. Various international guidelines are incorporated into the programme.


Studying at the European School of Physiotherapy means living in Amsterdam, one of Europe's liveliest capitals. The city is not only a melting pot of cultures but also the hub of cultural activities and sporting events. Amsterdam is an international city where English is the second language of many people and you will soon feel at home there. It is also an excellent starting point from which to explore the rest of Europe.

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